National Education Society

Our Journey

National English Primary school, Virar (W) was started by Mr. Parshuram Kulkarni in 1970 in a single room. Virar was then a hamlet and this was the first English medium school in Virar. There was a steady growth in the student number and the school had classes upto standard IV. Mr. Kulkarni’s sister Miss. Sindhu Kulkarni joined to help him in administration work and the school progressed to standard VII. Mr. Kulkarni’s son, Mr. Deepak Kulkarni, the present trustee offered his services in 1981 and helped Mr. Kulkarni with academics and administration. 

A new trust, National Education Society was formed in 1983 and the trust took over the running of Kindergarten and National English Primary School. The secondary section was introduced by starting Standard VIII. The first batch of standard X appeared in 1985-86. In 1992, an independent school building was constructed under the supervision of Mr. Deepak Kulkarni & Mrs. Tanuja Kulkarni who were ably supported by a group of parents viz Mr. Ravi Sawe, Mr. Dinesh Shirke, Mr. Uday Kadikar, Mr. Govind Godse & Mr. R. A. Verma. New facilities and schemes are being regularly added since then to expose the students to various spheres in order to develop their all round personality.

A number of students from the east area had taken admissions in this west school inspite of problems of transportation. In 2003, the trustees succeeded in purchasing a piece of land in Manvelpada and permissions were obtained to construct school buildings. A new state board affiliated school was started in 2005 with state of the art facilities and it became a convenient place for students to further their education. Though, the branches in the west & the east are different schools, the course of studies & activities in both the SSC affiliated schools are the same. In 2006, National Education Society started the first ICSE school in the taluka.

our vision & Mission

To Emit Everlasting Values Of Mankind And Emit Students Who Will Recreate With Regality The Renaissance Of Our Ancient Indian Culture. Our Aspirations Lie In The Focal Length Of Education… Education That Elevates And Enlivens The Eclipsed Minds Of Multitude.