Best School in Virar

One afternoon, when the staff was about to leave school, I noticed a newly recruited PT staff mill around as if he wanted to say something. I pointed to the sofa and eagerly asked him if he wanted something. He expressed that he was pleasantly astonished. He had been around in the school for the last three weeks but found it difficult to see the variety of PT equipment in the school and more so that it was maintained in very good condition inspite of it being used frequently. He explained that he had not experienced the same approach towards PT in the previous places. He opined that this was the best school.

I feel that all the subjects have been embedded in the school curriculum with a holistic approach and the school is expected to nurture and develop a child into a wholesome individual. This is possible only when the child is exposed to arts, sports, values along with the academics right from the early years. A child when exposed to different vistas will be certainly able to make the right choices about the route and career that he or she has to opt for. Thus, the proper initiation in all the subjects right from the tender age helps in the allround development of each and every child.  National Education Society has envisaged this very vision since its very inception and there have been a myriad of stories of success across arts, sports, social work and academics. Children have different interests, aptitudes and passions. They or their mentors actually realize their latent strengths and talents when they take a dip in their field of interest. The choice of the right path keeps them away from distractions and their energies are channelized to accomplish something constructive and beneficial. The vision of National Education Society has been translated into reality through the schools run by the trust and a bountiful of effective and interesting activities have been planned with meticulous care keeping in mind the fruitful learning outcomes they will offer.

The Annual Art Carnival motivates students and also the parents to participate in drawing, skits, tableaus, dance, painting and craftwork. This platform has helped in taking ceaseless efforts and the students have been able to make a mark not just at the district or the zonal level but also at the state, national and international level.

Equal importance has been awarded to sports and fitness and the organisation of mega events like minithon, badminton tournament, regular athletic camps, karate training and annual sports training camps has been the usual feature that has helped in honing the skills and temperament of the students. Many students have emerged on the state and national circuit. A unique facility like the indoor badminton court has undeniably worked its magic in churning out gutsy badminton players. The trust is also on the verge of developing three more state of the art badminton courts on another school premises. The school’s cricket team has imbibed the habit to win almost all the tournaments and some of the players have been regularly selected by the Mumbai Cricket Association. The idea is not however only to help students to pursue a career in sports but to help them evolve as fit and strong individuals who would handle their life with tenacity, determination and sense of purpose.  

The school’s advancement in the field of science has been overwhelming with the students visiting rural schools to train them in practicals with the mobile science exhibition apart from participating in a plethora of science activities. The other subjects have not been given lesser significance and the students are assisted to present their ideas and skills through a host of activities. This has helped the students to excel in academics and win accolades in competitive examinations. The whole focus is to prepare students for life and engage themselves to contribute to their families and the country with love, loyalty and passion.

This is what schools should be aiming at, isn’t it?

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